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Well done – you have made it this far. Now is your chance to shine so here’s how to make the most of the opportunity;

Consider the below points when preparing for your interview

  • Research, research, research! Use the internet to swot up on the company background and the position available
  • Dress appropriately – be well groomed and professionally dressed
  • Know your CV – be prepared to discuss your experience, skills, and achievements
  • Sell yourself – one word responses will not best display your talents
  • Think about your own interests and goals, and be prepared to discuss why you want this particular role
  • When discussing past employments, do not be negative. Focus on the positive learnings of any difficult situations
  • Be prepared for discussion on your goals and salary expectations
  • Ask our consultants for advice or coaching with any particular aspect you may be nervous about
  • Be confident – your qualifications and experience got you this far already